Grow Op Floor Coating

Liberty Leaf Floor Coating

Date of Project: August 2018
Location of project: Okanagan Falls, BC
Size: Approx 7500 square feet
Length of project: 5 days
Crew size: 3 technicians, 1 foreman
Type of Structure: Concrete floor in cannabis grow operation
Product Used: Willamette Valley Company POLYQuik HPU-1227 Two-Component, Fast-setting Polyurea Polyurethane Coating

Description of Application: Stray Cat was approached by Liberty Leaf Holdings, which was in the process of seeking Health Canada approvals for its new marijuana grow operation in Okanagan Falls, BC. The company required a monolithic floor coating that could withstand pressure washing and all the conditions commonly found in a grow operation, including heat and high humidity. Stray Cat inspected the site and assessed the future ambient conditions, and determined that a 100% solids, no-VOC polyurea would be the best solution for the client’s requirements. Willamette Valley POLYQuik HPU-1227 hybrid polyurea was selected as it is fast-curing, offers excellent adhesion to concrete, and is resistant to blistering under high humidity conditions. The client also liked that polyurea offers superior elongation and flexibility compared to an epoxy coating. After all coating was complete, including spraying a non-skid texturing on the top coat to reduce the risk of falls when the surface is wet, all masking was removed.

QA/QC Tests Performed: Prior to applying the coatings, the concrete was tested for PH levels and moisture. Monitoring environmental conditions including dew point and humidity took place throughout the entire project, as humidity exceeding 85% can create pinholes and trapped moisture, resulting in poor product adhesion and possible adhesion failures. Daily QA/QC reports were completed and turned in to the client at the conclusion of the project.

Unique Conditions or Experiences During Project: Concrete floor had numerous cracks and bug holes, which required repair prior to coating application.  Stray Cat deployed a crew to the site, which shot-blasted all floors to achieve a concrete surface profile (CSP) of 3-5, filled all cracks and bug holes in the concrete, and ensured that the entire building was dust-free and masked off before applying the floor coating.

Opinion of Project Owner – Product, Applicator Performance and Projected Future Use: The client was very happy with the outcome of the project, and will now have a strong, long-lasting coating that will not hold any bacteria as it is anti-microbial in nature and very easy to clean.

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