Wet Well Coating

Wet Well Interior Coating Project

Date of Project: June 2018
Location of project: Whitehorse, Yukon
Size: Approx 5500 square feet
Length of project: 2 weeks
Crew size: 5 technicians, 1 foreman
Type of Structure: Concrete interior of wet well
Product Used: Raven 175 Concrete Sealer/Primer, Raven 405 Ultra High Build Epoxy

Description of Application: Stray Cat was engaged by Wildstone Construction & Engineering to apply wet well interior coatings for corrosion protection and infiltration elimination at the Marwell Lift Station in Whitehorse, YT. The structure had not been drained prior to application and the existing concrete-based coating had deteriorated, while the concrete itself was showing signs of corrosion and small leaks. Due to the remote location, access to supplies was limited. An approved cementitious repair system was chosen to repair pinhole leaks and rebuild deteriorated substrate. Raven 175 sealer/primer was applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications to promote adhesion and prevent pinholes, as the substrate was at the lower end of the acceptable range for the coating. Raven 405 ultra high build epoxy was applied at a thickness of 125 mils using a plural component spray system. Due to the lower ambient temperature, a longer cure time was necessary; however, the system was coated and ready for service on time and on budget.

QA/QC Tests Performed: Third party inspection was performed after six days and all adhesion tests passed above the acceptable performance standards. Daily QA/QC reports were completed and turned in to the client at the conclusion of the project.

Unique Conditions or Experiences During Project: The remote location presented challenges in ensuring that all required coating and equipment was on site. Due to the year-round lower ambient temperatures in Whitehorse, Raven was chosen due to the products’ ability to be applied and then subsequently withstand lower temperatures.

Opinion of Project Owner – Product, Applicator Performance and Projected Future Use: The client was very pleased with the performance of the coating, the support from the product manufacturer, and the ease of application and professionalism of Stray Cat’s trained and certified applicators.

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