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Other Services

Bridge, Rail and Tunnel Coatings

Our bridge, rail and tunnel coatings outlast paint and fight off corrosion. They are common on bridges over steel  and  concrete and are specified for bridge, deck and structure coatings by state DOT’s across the USA. Our products have unique physical properties including impermeability, extended longevity, exceptional resistance to sunlight and performance in extreme temperatures.

Pipeline Spray Foam, Rock Guard, Trench Breakers, Pillows

Stray Cat utilizes the newest and largest plural component spray foam machines on the market to enable us to output the highest volume of any pipeline foam company around making us over 10 times faster than the competition. Stray Cat works with the largest pipeline foam manufacturer in the world to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service and product. 

Erosion Control

We have a wide assortment of erosion control products to suit your specific and unique situation. They are quickly and easily applied and can be sprayed in the field or in the shop

Pipeline Abandonment and Cavity Fillings

Stray Cat has the equipment to fill 10 feet per minute of 16 inch pipe or 300 to 400 foot lengths. Nobody else in the industry is capable of doing this.


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