Calgary Transit Grouting

Project Details

Date of Project: May and September 2017
Location of project: CP Tunnel, downtown Calgary, Alberta
Size: Approx 50 lineal feet per joint (7 joints)
Length of project: 3 days, 3 nights in May and 2 days, 3 nights in September
Crew size: 4 on day shift, 4 on night shift
Type of Structure: Concrete tunnel for light rail transit
Product Used: Avanti AV-118, Avanti AV-101, Avanti AV-103

Description of Application: Stray Cat was engaged by Graham Construction to assist in solving persistent groundwater infiltration issues inside a tunnel in Calgary Transit’s light rail transit (C-Train) network. Working with ECO Grouting Specialists Inc., who designed and supervised the grouting program, we successfully injected an acrylamide grout into seven tunnel joints over two separate weekends during the summer of 2017.

QA/QC Tests Performed: Prior to commencing acrylamide injection, the grout plant was tested with water to ensure that there were no leaks in the system and that the 2-component acrylamide injection pump was accurately injecting the A and B components of the acrylamide-based grout at a ratio of 1:1. Tests of the grout mixture were taken throughout the injection program to ensure that proper cure times were being achieved.

Unique Conditions or Experiences During Project: This project was on a strict timeline, as Calgary Transit had suspended train service for the weekend only. All work had to be completed and all people, equipment and materials removed from the tunnel, in time for power and other services to be restored to the tunnel for the morning commute at the beginning of the following week. Safety precautions were of utmost importance, as the catalysts for the A side and B side of the acrylamide solution were combustible and explosive if mixed, and thus proper storage and handling was essential.

Opinion of Project Owner – Product, Applicator Performance and Projected Future Use: As a result of the success of the initial pilot project in May, another grouting program was undertaken in September, for which Stray Cat was again contracted to handle the grout injection. The City of Calgary will now monitor the results over the winter and spring before deciding whether to proceed with a full-scale grouting program inside this tunnel.

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