Manhole, Sewer and Wastewater Liners

Sep 19, 2019 | Industrial Coatings, New Products

Stray Cat are pleased to pioneer an innovative new approach waste water lining projects.  Working in conjunction with industry leading manufacturers, Stray Cat are installers of two component lining systems.   These systems provide a structural cementitious liner, with a protective epoxy topcoat.  Stray Cat are able to offer both of these services, from a single supplier.

Key benefits include:

  • Rapid installation.  The cementitious liner can be installed directly to cleaned substrate.
  • Optimum adhesion with the epoxy top coat is achieved – The epoxy topcoat is applied directly onto the still wet mortar, without the need for any surface preparation or priming.
  • By removing surface preparation and priming, this vastly reduces the timescale to complete lining projects. This is also ideal in situations where surface preparation, and removal of associated waste material would otherwise present a significant logistical challenge.
  • Remote Spin Casting Capability – Stray Cats advanced application equipment allows us to remotely apply both cementitious and epoxy coats.  This is a highly efficient and safe approach for coating application to tunnels and manhole shafts.
  • Design Life of 50 years+ – Composite lining systems are designed with long term service in mind, and carry a manufacturer certified design life.

Whether the project is an upgrade from an existing outdated HDPE, a complete rehab, or newly constructed tunnel, Stray Cats ability to provide a structural and anti-corrosive barrier, is a major step forward for the waste water sector in Canada.  Contact us today to learn more and to discuss your next project!

Want to learn how this new approach can transform your approach to current and future projects? – Contact us today to organize a lunch & learn presentation for your team!

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