Dustless Abrasive Blasting

Mar 24, 2019 | New Products

Stray Cat Upgrades Blasting Equipment

Stray Cat is pleased to announce the purchase of brand new, state of the art dry & wet blasting equipment.  Our new Schmidt Amphiblaster, will allow our operatives to blast multiple areas simultaneously, increasing our efficiency in surface preparation.  The wet blasting facility of this machine can be used to prepare surfaces whilst minimizing dust, removing the hazard caused to those on site.

The AmphiBlast gives us the unique ability to wet blast or dry blast, ALL IN ONE UNIT!  The AmphiBlast also provides the capability of blow down and wash down. With M.I.S.T.™ (Moisture Injection Schmidt Technology), Schmidt has engineered a wet blast/dry blast system that uses minimal water, allows for a wide range of abrasives, and a broad range of blasting pressures.

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