Wembley Spray in Liner

Project Details

Date of Project: September 2015
Location of project: Wembley Field Facility, 50 KM’s North of Grande Prairie, Alberta.
Size: 20,000 ft2
Length of project: 2 weeks
Crew size: 4 technicians, 1 Foreman
Type of structure: Failed polyethylene liner retrofit for secondary containment for condensate tanks. Approximately 150 pilings and penetrations through liner.
Product Used: Versalfex VF380 pure polyurea, black colored

Description of Application: The substrate was uneven compacted dirt with a failed polyurethane liner. Stray Cat cleaned all penetrations and prepared the steel before any coatings were applied using 20/40 glass grit. We removed pile boots that had all came apart from weld seams, geo-textile fabric was laid, and all walls and pilings were coated and encapsulated to create a seamless monolithic liner.

Condition of Structure: Prior to Stray Cat’s arrival, another competitor had completed a spray in liner over a failed HDPE liner. The spray in liner was not up to CNRL’s satisfaction as there were numerous seams coming apart, as well as many spots not covered with coating. The competitors had returned multiple times trying to repair their own work with no success, until one day a tank leaked completely out into the containment area and there was a disaster. Condensate had filled the containment area but the liner was not completely sealed due to inexperienced work and no QA/QC in place; the condensate therefore leaked through the liner and out past the containment walls into a field. CNRL was forced to dig up and dispose of all the contaminated soil. They were also stuck with an insufficient liner and had given up dealing with the past contractor. CNRL approached Stray Cat and we came to site the day we were called to inspect the liner and make recommendations. The workmanship was so poor that we could only recommend to do a complete re-line. Stray Cat made an agreement to do the work for less money than the previous contractor, and also offered a 5-year warranty. Stray Cat was awarded the work and has since been awarded several additional projects.

Opinion of Project Owner – Product, Applicator Performance and Projected Future Use: Stray Cat had in the past done other successful projects for CNRL and was referred to the maintenance planning team from another division. Since this project, Stray Cat has done many other projects for CNRL.



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