MetalSafe Roofing Project

MetalSafe Products:
B-300 – Instant set, spray applied for waterproofing & corrosion
S-300 – Sealant for waterproofing & corrosion
Caulking Gel – High performance waterproof gel with no-flow properties
Seam Tape – High tensile, waterproof seam tape for cracks and joints

PRODUCT: MetalSafe B-300, Metal Safe S-300, Liquid Rubber Seam Tape
PURPOSE: Waterproofing & Corrosion Protection
INDUSTRY: Mining – Building
CLIENT: Walter Energy Coal Mine in Chetwynd, BC, Canada
PROJECT SIZE: 35,000 sq ft
TIMING: August 2013

The Problem

The metal roof at the coal mine was leaking with partial corrosion appearing because of the harsh environment. The client needed a cost effective solution without any downtime so that operations would not be interrupted.


The solution involved using the Seam Tape to seal the larger metal seams and the Caulking Gel to protect the smaller seams between roofing panels. All penetrations were similarly sealed using the brush-grade MetalSafe S-300 and Seam Tape. MetalSafe B-300 was subsequently applied over the entire roofing surface to provide a watertight roof coating with excellent corrosion protection including lightly rusted surfaces.


Due to operational requirements and the weather soon becoming cold in Northern British Columbia, the project had to be completed within the month. The relatively simple preparation of the roof combined with one application of the instant-set MetalSafe B-300 allowed the applicator to complete the project in under one week.

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