Spray-in Liners

With hundreds of blends of 100% solids coatings on the market it can be overwhelming to choose the right product to suit your needs. With our support and the support from our products manufacturers together we can help determine the product for your application.

Stray cat is Canada’s leading spray in liner system applications company providing quality service to the municipal, oil and gas, mining and natural resource sectors throughout Canada. We at stray cat take pride in knowing we are the most highly trained and skilled spray in secondary containment liner company in Canada.

Our liner systems contain zero seams which is where a huge benefit since the majority of traditional weld in style liners fail at the seams. Another Benefit to our liners is that we can provide products with very high elongation (up to 750%) to be capable of handling the freeze-thaw thermal cycling and ground shifting in Canada’s harsh environment.

Our liners are also very highly chemical resistant as well as UV stable and will not break down over time such as HDPE or LLDPE liners.

Our products can be applied directly to the substrate with proper surface preparation or, directly to can be sprayed onto geotextiles depending on your specific projects needs.

Stray cat has developed a fail safe method of sealing to and around and pilings or penetrations throughout the liner.

We are also experts at retrofitting new liners in place of old damaged or breached liners.

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Secondary Containment