Our Complete List of Services – Summarized

NEW – Chemical Grouting

Stray Cat is trained and experienced in preventing water intrusion and infiltration through crack injection and curtain (backwall) grouting, and we are one of the only companies in Western Canada with current acrylamide grouting experience. These technologies have wide application in mining, transportation (tunnels/subways), water and wastewater treatment, construction, and industry.

Riverboat Protective Coatings

We will protect your huge investment by applying a spray on liner of K5 which is the most impact resistant and abrasion resistant coating on the market today. It is half the weight of polyethylene liners and is the same material used on U.S. military boats. You don’t have to drill any holes and is ready to go in half the time for less cost.


Primary Containment

Stray Cat can supply and install various tank linings and coatings providing the best protection against chemical, corrosion, weather, and job site activities. With proper surface preparation and formulation choices for primers and installation procedures, our products go on fast and last long extending life expectancy of older or new tanks. The fast cure times are ideal for retrofit since downtime is significantly minimized compared to the competition. For primary containment ponds or sumps, we have spray in liners, hdpe, concrete cloth or epoxies for concrete, steel or fiberglass. Working together with our clients and manufacturers, we will provide the best possible containment for each individual circumstance.

Secondary Containment

Stray Cat is highly specialized and knowledgeable in the secondary containment industry. We offer a variety of different options for our clients. Each product has its own benefits and are unique in their own way. Stray Cat can help you determine which product will suit your specific project needs. We utilize a stringent QA/QC program to ensure 100% client satisfaction. We are the most highly skilled and trained company in the market and continue to improve our skill set and knowledge daily. Stray Cat also sells and installs containment wall systems for any size and dimension. We offer repair services for any type liner and specialize in retrofitting new liners in place of breached existing liners. In most cases we can offer a warranty on our work. READ MORE

Tank Linings and Coatings

Stray Cat’s tank linings are resistant to most chemicals and industrial liquids. With a fast application and the ability to adhere to properly prepared substrates, they have many advantages. Our coatings protect against corrosion, chemicals and other weather and job site activities extending the life of older and newer tanks and can be applied quickly during primary construction or in a retrofit significantly reducing downtime costs compared to competing materials.

Concrete Protection

We carry and apply a complete line of high performance coatings to substantially reduce long term maintenance expenses and extending the time frame for replacement of the protective coatings system. Our systems protect and waterproof  the concrete substrate providing protection from the most onerous domestic and industrial waste chemistries.


Stray Cat has an inventory of any coating to solve any of your unique coatings problems. They include wax tape, epoxies, liquid rubber, concrete cloth, polyuria, spray foam, polyurethane, hdpe, spray concrete, Hi-temp coatings and even temperature indicating coatings.


Stray Cat’s spray foam is the best insulating product on the market creating a seamless, monolithic barrier for protection against water, air, dust and noise. Unlike fibreglass insulation, spray foam will retain its R-value   saving the client heating or cooling costs for a long, long time.

Bridge, Rail and Tunnel Coatings

Our bridge, rail and tunnel coatings outlast paint and fight off corrosion. They are common on bridges over steel  and  concrete and are specified for bridge, deck and structure coatings by state DOT’s across the USA. Our products have unique physical properties including impermeability, extended longevity, exceptional resistance to sunlight and performance in extreme temperatures.

Pipeline Spray Foam, Rock Guard, Trench Breakers, Pillows

Stray Cat utilizes the newest and largest plural component spray foam machines on the market to enable us to output the highest volume of any pipeline foam company around making us over 10 times faster than the competition. Stray Cat works with the largest pipeline foam manufacturer in the world to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service and product.  READ MORE

Pipe/Pipeline Coatings

We have numerous pipe and pipeline coatings internal and external  for each individual circumstance to reduce maintenance services and costs. READ MORE

Marine Corrosion Protection for Steel, Aluminum and Fibreglass

We have the best solutions for protection above and below the waterline. From fishing boats needing sound attenuation, fish hold liners or hull protection to wharfs, we will help you determine which is the best solution for your specific need.


Manhole, Sewer Lining and Rehabilitation Systems

Our monolithic and durable liners will protect the cavities from sediment and ground water infiltration into municipal waste water systems. By using proper surface preparation and substrate conditions, primers and coatings can be applied quickly to return the cavity to service faster than the competition.

Waste Water Treatment Lining and Rehabilitation Systems

Fast cure, chemical and abrasion resistant products ideal for your individual needs in your  primary and secondary containment systems will be provided by our trained and qualified technicians.

Potable Water Lining and Rehabilitation Systems

Our coatings and membranes cater to varying degrees of acidity and alkalinity in treatable water ensuring optimum lifespan of equipment and storage facilities. Common applications include: sewage treatment process basins and piping, drinking water process basins and piping, drinking water storage tanks, etc.

Roof Coatings

Stray Cat will help you choose the best system for your project. We offer many different coatings ranging from ceramic to keep heat out to insulating coatings to keep heat out.

Erosion Control

We have a wide assortment of erosion control products to suit your specific and unique situation. They are quickly and easily applied and can be sprayed in the field or in the shop

Landfill Capping

Our spray on polyuria liner is the perfect choice for landfill capping because of its unique properties. It can be applied to any desired thickness with one coat which can be handled or walked on within one minute. It is seamless and very flexible, can be retrofitted with any existing or damaged liner. Our polyuria stretches up to 750% and is 5 times more puncture resistant than traditional HDPE liners. It is resistant to most chemicals, resists thermal shock and can be top coated if desired. It is USDA/Agriculture Canada approved, ISO9001 certified and meets green chemistry.

Pipeline Abandonment and Cavity Fillings

Stray Cat has the equipment to fill 10 feet per minute of 16 inch pipe or 300 to 400 foot lengths. Nobody else in the industry is capable of doing this.


With our powerful and efficient equipment we can solve any sandblasting challenge put before us. We also have environmentally friendly.

Air Compressor Sales and Services

Our factory trained technicians can service or trouble-shoot any make or model air compressor.