Chemical Grouting

Chemical Grouting

Stray Cat is trained and experienced in preventing water intrusion and infiltration through crack injection and curtain (backwall) grouting, and we are one of the only companies in Western Canada with current acrylamide grouting experience. Crack injection involves injecting, into the leaking crack or joint, a resin such as polyurethane that reacts to moisture by creating a strong seal that will move with any future movement of the structure. In […]

Calgary Transit Grouting

Stray Cat was engaged by Graham Construction to assist in solving persistent groundwater infiltration issues inside a tunnel in Calgary Transit’s light rail transit (C-Train) network. Working with ECO Grouting Specialists Inc., who designed and supervised the grouting program, we successfully injected an acrylamide grout into seven tunnel joints over two separate weekends during the summer of 2017.

CNRL Spray Liner

Stray Cat measured all areas to be lined prior to install of liner into building, polyurea was pre-sprayed onto a 6oz non woven geo textile outside of building and then laid out inside and cut to size for pilings. All pile boots were banded with stainless steel bands.

Meritage Midstream Liner

Stray Cat supplied and built a zero ground disturbance steel containment system and applied a geotextile/polyurea liner. The substrate was uneven compacted dirt; Stray Cat laid out sand and raked to smoothen the ground, then laid out non-woven geotextile and coated with polyurea.

Marine and Saltwater Coatings

Marine and Saltwater Coatings

Above the water or below, our products are very effective in protecting steel, aluminum, wood or fiberglass. Our ultra-high strength, elastomeric, polyuria coatings simply outperform epoxy, polyurethane, UHMW polyethylene and other hybrid products.

CNRL Spray-In Liner

Prior to Stray Cat’s arrival, another competitor had completed a spray in liner over a failed HDPE liner. The spray in liner was not up to CNRL’s satisfaction as there were numerous seams coming apart, as well as many spots not covered with coating. The competitors had returned multiple times trying to repair their own work with no success, until one day a tank leaked completely out into the containment area and there was a disaster.

Spectra Energy Project

The Spectra Midwinter Plant, located in the muskeg of remote northeastern British Columbia, is only accessible by road during the winter months when the ground is frozen. As the work took place during the summer, Stray Cat transported all coating and geotextile material to the site the previous winter, where it was kept in heated storage. For the duration of the project, the crew flew to and from the site every day in a helicopter.

Nukote Containment Lining

Nukote Containment Lining

Stray Cat Industrial was approached by a large oil and gas producer to supply a solution for their secondary containment needs. The client’s consultant specified a membrane on concrete that was resistant to chemicals, yet flexible enough to move with concrete even in extreme cold conditions.

Spray in Liner

Stray Cat Industrial was asked to install a spray-in-liner providing secondary containment for a tank farm at a new gas plant. We sprayed Polyurea which provided a seamless and flexible waterproof membrane. Photos include the before and after of this project.

Secondary Containment Fix

Stray Cat Industrial was called upon to fix a damaged secondary containment area where a truck had backed up into it and dented the panels.  We straightened the panels, fixed the damage and then fixed the lining of the containment area. Photos include the before and after of this project.