Marine and Saltwater Coatings

Marine and Saltwater Coatings

Above the water or below, our products are very effective in protecting steel, aluminum, wood or fiberglass. Our ultra-high strength, elastomeric, polyuria coatings simply outperform epoxy, polyurethane, UHMW polyethylene and other hybrid products. It has excellent resistance to most chemicals and hydrocarbons. With its higher elongation and flexibility, it is able to withstand substrate expansion and contraction caused by harsh weather cycles. It is also more abrasion and impact resistant than any other coating.

Jet Boat Hull and Bottom Protection:  An upgrade to UHMW and HDPE sheets, being lighter and stronger. The U.S. military uses it on their boats and on their HUM V’s to protect their troops, so imagine what it can do for your jet boat.

Koi or any Type of Fish Pond: Our pond liners are 100% solids and VOC free and can be potable water approved. They are monolithic and seamless, impact, abrasion, chemical and UV resistant. Stray Cat’s liners are ISO9001 certification, meets  Green Chemistry, and is DEP/NSF approved.  With the elasticity, strength, flexibility and durability, our liners are the perfect solution for Koi or fish pond liners.

  • Commercial Fishing Boats
  • Encapsulation and Protection of Dock Floats
  • Aquaculture Tank Linings
  • Coating or Restoring of Marine Pilings

Click here to download our Brochure for Marine Coatings.


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